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About Us

Our story started when we offered premium sugar cane juice to distilleries 11+ years ago. We started seeing and thinking about all the items crafted with the whisky & wine barrels we saw at the customer's facilities in 2013.
After a few requests from friends, and with no other supply available locally, we started offering our barrels to the public.

We are a family-owned company that makes all of our items. Seems every day a customer sends a picture of something they would like...we gladly make any item you would like! We also offer barrel and furniture rental for your party or event!
Excellence and Professionalism 

We use the highest quality inputs (wood, steel, glue, etc) to make the highest quality furniture. If any service is requested or if you have any questions with your order, we are happy to walk through maintenance so we can develop a life-long relationship with you. We have been in business for 10 years and plan to run this company for generations. Our reputation is paramount and our excellence is shown in every project we complete.


Satisfaction Guarantee

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