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Pickup for free in Ft Lauderdale, Florida & Can also ship all over the country, please contact for to ship 2+.

Best price on the web guaranteed. We will match competitors of the same quality!

Have hundreds of wine / whiskey / rain / whisky barrels. Wedding tables, sinks, rain barrels, bars, etc!

Rentals also available for $30 per week per barrel

$99 each ....59 gallon 3' tall by 2' wide approximately

Also available for Wedding rentals as well starting at $30

These are full-size nice and heavy White Oak Whiskey Barrels. 


Can ship all over the USA. Dealers welcome


Each barrel is approx 35" tall, with a 21" diameter at the top and bottom, and a 24" diameter in the middle and weighs approximately 125 lbs.

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Great for making a bar, sink, rain barrel and a bunch of other original items.

If you are looking for a whiskey barrel, please see our other ad. We can mix and match for the same cost, just let us know before we ship.

Also available for rent for weddings, parties, many other regions as well.

If you need 3+ we can ship anywhere in the US.

Wine Barrels (Napa Valley)

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